The following organizations are committed to supporting the educational advancement of Philadelphians of all ages.


Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia (CSFP) is a privately-funded program whose mission is to provide children from low-income Philadelphia families with financial access to quality, safe, K-8th grade, tuition-based schools, thereby increasing their long-term economic and social success. CSFP grants need-based scholarships to children from low-income Philadelphia families, all of which are awarded by random lottery. CSFP currently serves about 5,500 children enrolled at over 160 private and parochial schools.

  • HOW TO HELP: We are looking to build our Young Friends group. We are looking for individuals who are interested in sharing our mission and volunteering at our organizational events. We are also eager to make connections with individuals who are able to build our network of people who are committed to high quality education for ALL Philadelphia children.
  • CONTACT: Christianne Clymer, Senior Development Manager |  215.670.8413

The Rubye’s Kids Mission The mission of Rubye's Kids, Inc. is to empower children living in poverty through joyful, enriching experiences that promote strong values, education, respect for self and others and commitment to community.

HOW TO HELP: Volunteers and monetary donations
CONTACT: Roz Weiss, President |  215-887-7100

Our Village Mentoring model bridges disparate communities through the partnership of college students and youth living in low-income housing. This approach allows us to serve as an intervention family for kids from ages 5 through 18, planning local and regional adventures, fostering civic volunteerism, and encouraging academic success. 

  • HOW TO HELP: Primarily, college mentors in Philadelphia. Less urgently needed, but equally valuable, are suggestions for low-income housing where we can explore to expand our programContact information for college mentors, low-income housing sites (property managers, residential council presidents, etc.) 
  • CONTACTJen Horan, Regional Director |  610-235-1594

Repair the World is a national non-profit organization which seeks to inspire others to volunteer in their communities.




  • HOW TO HELP: We need volunteers! 
  • CONTACTDanielle Horn, Team Leader  |  215-872-0489

Steppingstone Scholars, working with families and school partners, provides rigorous educational programming and support for talented underserved students in the Philadelphia Region to achieve academic success, opportunity, and a college degree.


  • HOW TO HELP:  Tutoring, mentoring, providing workshops and internship opportunities
  • CONTACT:  Monique Curry, Director of Development |  215-204-2359

Located in Northwest Philly, our mission is to enable people of all ages and abilities in our communities, especially those most in need, to reach their full potential as productive and responsible citizens through initiatives that support and enrich children, teens, and families.

  • HOW TO HELP:  We depend on nearly 600 volunteers a year in various capacities.  We are also 90% charitably funded and constantly seeking resources and supporters.  
  • CONTACT:  Dana Dabek, Director of Institutional Advancement |  215-483-4800

Urbanstead works to achieve healthy futures by uniting the community and creating programs to empower Philadelphia's vulnerable youth through the platform of urban farming.


  • HOW TO HELP:  We depend on nearly 600 volunteers a year in various capacities.  We are also 90% charitably funded and constantly seeking resources and supporters.  
  • CONTACT:  Lisa Gaidanowicz, Executive Director (Founding) |  215-873-3483


Capture Greatness works to create more competitive college candidates, so that a family's income does not hinder a student's educational outcome.



  • HOW TO HELP:  Board members to help grow this work and expand our reach. We are also looking for advocates to introduce grant opportunities and partnership projects.
  • CONTACT:  Melissa A. Rowe, Founder |  215-317-2533

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CUrban Roots works with communities to plan & implement urban redevelopment projects with a focus on youth mentoring, community engagement, public recreation and the arts. We believe that community-based revitalization projects have a unique ability to positively transform neighborhoods.




  • HOW TO HELP:  Mentorship and Strategic Planning
  • CONTACT:  Jeffrey Tubbs, Founder |