The following organizations are committed to environmental stewardship & activism on a national and local level.

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KPB supports community building through community greening. We engage individuals to take greater responsibility for improving their community environments, by providing resources, education, assistance and promotion. Community beautification is directly related to economic development, crime and safety, and neighborhood pride and cohesion. Help us build more vibrant neighborhoods here in Philly, at a time when we will undoubtedly see a drop-off in investment in communities that need it the most. 

  • HOW TO HELP: Volunteer at a committee level as we grow our Board structure, at our cleanups, or as a volunteer educator providing interactive workshops on litter, recycling and composting to Philadelphia public school students. 
  • CONTACT:  Michelle Feldman, Executive Director |  215-854-4000

Green Philly helps you live a more sustainable lifestyle through our online blog and in-person events. 




  • HOW TO HELP: We need individuals who can help contribute through the website: whether contributors or would like to help the website grow through organization, marketing and events. Also, we want to deepen our philanthropy work as a result of the current state of our union, whether that is local to Philadelphia area or PA. 
  • CONTACT:  Julie Hancher, Co-Founder and Editor in Chief |  610-368-8061

For forty years, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) has filled a unique niche in the environmental community - working to pass laws that will protect the environment and to elect environmental candidates to support such policies. Employing cutting edge political tactics and technologies, LCV works to support those who have supported clean air, water and energy and to defeat those who put polluters first.

POP designs, plants, supports, and educates around biodiverse urban orchards throughout the City of Philadelphia.  We currently support 56 community orchards and food forests in neighborhoods spread throughout the city; we are primarily fueled by volunteers. 

  • HOW TO HELP: Orchard liaisons, education committee members, community organizers, bloggers, permaculture designers, and people interested in getting their hands dirty!
  • CONTACT:  Robyn Mello, Orchard Director |  215-571-9506

The Schuylkill Center inspires meaningful connections between people and nature.  We use our forests and fields as a living laboratory to foster appreciation, deepenunderstanding, and encourage stewardship of the environment.


  • HOW TO HELP: We always accept volunteers - helping with programs, helping in our office, or helping care for the land. Donations are an important way for the community to support the Schuylkill Center, as funds help us to offer our many programs including caring for over 3,000 sick and injured wild animals each year, offering environmental education programs to thousands of students in schools, and educating the public about the environment.
  • CONTACT: Anna Lehr Mueser, Mgr of Communications & Digital 215-482-7300, 118

Strawberry Mansion Civic Association

Building bridges from the citizens of North Philly to the World...

  • HOW TO HELP: Participate in our forums 
  • CONTACT: Judith RobinsonDirector |  215-765-9500

PennFuture is leading the transition to a clean energy economy in Pennsylvania and beyond. We are protecting our air, water and land, and empowering citizens to build sustainable communities for future generations.

  • HOW TO HELP: PennFuture is looking for letter and opinion writers on environmental issues, volunteers to help coordinate events and workshops, and participants for our new ACE program. The Advocates for Conservation and the Environment is a project designed to build the environmental community's power in PA through statewide in-district meetings between citizens and their legislators. As an ACE volunteer, you can help lawmakers understand key conservation and environmental issues and explain how proposed legislation will affect your community, family, wildlife, and the environment. 
  • CONTACT:  Zakia Elliott, SE Regional Outreach Coordinator |  215-545-9692

Schools for Sustainability

Empower communities via a sustainable education in organic food production, water purification, waste management, and renewable energy production.

  • HOW TO HELP:  Launch service learning trips with us; Volunteer on our curriculum or grant writing team; Connection to educators as we are selling sustainable curriculum; Make a donation
  • CONTACT:  Alyssa Ramos, CEO |  914-562-5783

The Urban Tree Connection (UTC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that assists low-income urban communities to revitalize their neighborhoods by transforming abandoned open spaces into safe and functional places that inspire and promote positive human interaction.  We work with residents of West Philadelphia's Haddington neighborhood, and increasingly with other low-income communities, to develop community-driven greening and gardening projects on vacant land. Through land revitalization, we help residents become strong leaders, foster deep community cohesion, and ultimately create livable communities.

  • HOW TO HELP: Financial donations, website help, database entry, summer gardening volunteers.
  • CONTACT:  Noelle Warford, Executive Director |  215-877-7203


PHS connects people with horticulture, and together we create beautiful, healthy, and sustainable communities.


  • HOW TO HELP:   From January through March, we are looking for volunteers to assist in the creation and operation of the Philadelphia Flower Show.  Through the growing season, we look for volunteers for planting trees, building gardens, and other community greening projects.
  • CONTACT:  Beth McMillan, Manager of Volunteers and Competitive Classes |  215-988-8772