The following organizations are committed to advancing policies of equity, transparency, human rights, dignity, and diversity within the political sector on a national and local level.


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We are a nonpartisan political action committee dedicated to electing leaders who support policy change for better land use, transportation, and public space in Philadelphia. 


  • HOW TO HELP: We need like-minded people to join their neighborhood civic associations and build support for good development proposals, better pedestrian and bike infrastructure, and public space improvements. We also need people to join our issue committees, and work on advancing policy changes that promote a more walkable, bikeable, transit-rich city with abundant housing. 
  • CONTACT:  David Curtis, Chair | 814-207-3005

Philadelphia 3.0 is a political organization committed to helping Philadelphia capitalize on its progress and promise. We support independent-minded candidates running for City Council and lead efforts to reform and modernize City Hall.


  • HOW TO HELP: Step up to run for ward committee, board of elections, civic associations, and state representatives. 
  • CONTACT: Jon Geeting, Director of Engagement |

The Committee of 70 is committed to these three goals: Opening up and improve the voting process and our political culture; electing honest, capable people to public office and help them make government work better; engaging citizens in the process of making important decisions about our future.

Emily's List ignites change by getting pro-choice, Democratic women elected to office.

Emerge Pennsylvania is the premier training program for Democratic women. We inspire women to run, we hone their skills to win. Our goal is clear: to increase the number of Democratic women in public office.


Reclaim Philadelphia

Amplifying the voices of Philadelphians and creating a power movement to fight for social, economic and environmental justice. 

  • HOW TO HELP:  We're a power organization and the more people we have working together for progressive values, the more power we all have, so membership and meeting attendance! 
  • CONTACT:  Kelly Morton, Organizer |, 610-256-8338

The People United USA 

Grassroots Defense of Human Rights

  • HOW TO HELP: Grassroots lobbying action
  • CONTACT: Katey Dyck, Director of Engagement |  267-304-7054

The mission of the Solidarity Forum is to provide an open, hate-free, judgement-free space for organizers, activists, and concerned people to discuss and share ideas, hopes, fears, plans, and resources to improve conditions in the city of Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

  • HOW TO HELP: We are mainly trying to get people into rooms together to talk!
  • CONTACT: Kitty Heite |

Seeds for Action is a Philadelphia based coalition focused on taking the barriers out of social justice and activism and translating the emotions of the last election into accessible direct action.

  • HOW TO HELP: We are building a database of people and what they are willing to do. i.e volunteering or protesting or being someone's protest buddy. Then those lists get action items from us.
  • CONTACT: Meredith Sonnen, Dom Chacon, Co-Founders |

Moving Philadelphia Forward focuses on protecting progressive values both in our community and nationally.




  • CONTACT: Nathan Singh | | 412-716-4808